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  • First and Second Impressions: Dressing well is a good impression

    Appearance and Attitude. The first impression you give is generally the way you look, and the second is generally what you say and how you act. These two go hand in hand, with one often being a reflection of the other.  
  • Speaking Like A Leader: How to Be Heard

    Speak like a leader

    There is often a tendency for one to over complicate a message one is trying to convey by using complex vocabulary and in-concise sentences aiming to sound superior and establish an air of dominance. 


    People like to use big words and long sentences to sound clever. 

  • 1 Easy Tip to help you be busier

    Those quiet days when nothing seems to happen, what is it you do? I’ll be honest, sometimes I can be guilty of sitting and waiting. Waiting for someone to get back to me, or something to come out of the woodwork.

    Well here I’m going to give you 1 easy tip to get your day moving.

  • Hold My Monkey: Emotions and Communication

    Hold My Monkey Communication is key. We have heard it time and time again, and that’s because it absolutely is. This post is to help us during this...
  • How to find Motivation and Inspiration

    Getting the motivation to do things can be difficult and inspiration can be hard to come by. We often see ourselves as passengers when it comes to controlling these forces of nature. Here I’m going to tell you one simple way you can control them.

  • Shirts: To Tuck or Not To Tuck

    To tuck or not to tuck. A question that a man often asks himself when donning a shirt. Luckily there are a few easy guidelines to follow that help you to answer this question. 
  • A How to for Handshakes - 6 Easy Tips

    Handshakes say so much about you.

    Remember the handshake is the great leveller. It’s the expression of mutual respect and agreement between two parties.
  • Strategy Complex - The Goal Hunter's Supplement Stack

    There has been a lot of talk about our new Strategy Complex. This is to tell you all about it, where the idea came from, why we’re doing it. As well as give you information about the product.
  • 3 Easy steps to set and KEEP New Year Goals

    It comes to the end of December and we take stock of everything, we look at ourselves and think what we’d like to change. Which is a good thing, we’re ever evolving and ever changing.

    But I’m sure you’d agree that New Year promises never stick.

    Well here are 3 easy steps to make them stick. And the best part is, you can do this at any point in the year, not just December of January! 

  • 6 Must Have Apps for any Entrepreneur and Busy Person

    It goes without saying that note taking is essential. Whether it’s your thoughts, shopping lists, jobs to be done or whatever, taking notes is a must. In fact, Richard Branson is a huge advocate for note taking, so surely that’s worth taking note of...sorry. Apps like Evernote and Google Keep are great note taking apps that let you write notes and store images/page clippings. Definitely a Must Have App!
  • Refillable Bottles for the Bathroom

    Refillable bottles are great. Not only will they help reduce waste but they also look really smart and stylish in your bathroom - well the smart and stylish ones do anyway.
  • The Best Gifts for Men 2019

    Some say that it is harder to buy gifts for men, because what do you buy them?! Maybe something sport related or hobby related? What clothes should I get for him? Will he like this colour? Will he enjoy this experience?

    These are often questions I used to ask myself when buying for my Dad. But then the answer hit me and it’s actually very simple - however the execution is a little difficult and this is where you come in.