From The Front

  • The Perfect Suit

    For some reason buying a suit is different to buying any other set of clothes. It can be a little intimidating, what with all the lingo, rules and ...
  • Speak like a Leader

    There is often a tendency for one to over complicate a message one is trying to convey by using complex vocabulary and in-concise sentences aiming to sound superior and establish an air of dominance. 


  • The Perfect Shave

    Shaving can be sore, it sometimes feels like a necessary evil as it can bring redness, spots and irritation all in the pursuit of a smooth face.

    It doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Packing for a City Break

    Booking a nice cheap flight for a weekend away is great. But paying extra to take a case with you is not. Nobody likes taking out the tape measure to see if your carry-on bag is within limits, or ‘the cram’ job followed by the messy unpack at the security scanners.