1 Easy Tip to help you be busier

Those quiet days when nothing seems to happen, what is it you do? I’ll be honest, sometimes I can be guilty of sitting and waiting. Waiting for someone to get back to me, or something to come out of the woodwork.

Well here I’m going to give you 1 easy tip to get your day moving.

Two words. Look. Busy.

My friend told me a story of when he used to work in an art gallery. His boss, who had a keen business head gave him a rule to follow. She said ‘whenever it’s quiet in here, I don’t want you sat at the computer answering emails or being bored, I want you up out of your seat sweeping, tidying, re-organising….doing something. That way the place looks busy and we’ll get visitors coming in.’ Needless to say, this worked.

Call it law of attraction or call it human psychology or call it both. But just by looking busy they would start to fill the place up.

So how can we apply this?

I understand many of us don’t own galleries or stores where the moral can be literally applied, but what it tells us is simple. If you look busy and act busy, you will be busy. So find something you can be getting on with, there is ALWAYS something to do.

As a business owner, there are naturally busier days and quieter days, it just happens. So on the quiet days I will open up the side projects, the things that don’t quite make it to the day to day. More often than not things will start to pick up, I’ll have opened a few doors and ideas to actions and then before you know it I’m busy.

The worst case scenario is that you’ll have cleared a few jobs or made some headway with one of your projects, best case scenario is it sparks a chain reaction which results in you getting want you need.


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