3 Easy steps to set and KEEP New Year Goals

3 Easy steps to set and KEEP New Year Goals

It comes to the end of December and we take stock of everything, we look at ourselves and think what we’d like to change. Which is a good thing, we’re ever evolving and ever changing.

But I’m sure you’d agree that New Year promises never stick.

Well here are 3 easy steps to make them stick. And the best part is, you can do this at any point in the year, not just December of January! 

You will need:

Sticky notes, a notebook and a pen.

Step One:

Write down 4 titles, Health, Wealth, Personal and Contribution. Health and Wealth will be fairly straight forward, it’ll be something like:

Health - Train 4 times per week and double my bench press by June OR run a marathon in September.

Something that is specific and time bound. (This goes for all goals). 

Wealth - Earn £20,000 through my side hustle by May OR get rid of my loan by November

This really is up to you. Just make sure you’re ambitious, the idea here is to push yourself past what you think is possible. If you’re not shy about telling people or people aren’t skeptical then your goal isn’t challenging enough!

Contribution is what you plan on giving to people, this can be charity, friends, family, a cause you support. It’s basically saying, what can I give back expecting nothing in return. This is really important, all the wealthiest and most successful people on the planet give so much. Athletes and businesses alike are known for their charity work.

This will look something like:

Contribution - give £10 per month to charity OR Help my nephew with his homework OR volunteer at the food bank.

Just make sure its meaningful.

Personal goals are where it gets interesting. You might know straight away what you want, but for others it might be more difficult. A way to approach this is to make a list of all your goals, don’t limit yourself. You might find there’s some overlap so that helps narrow it down. Then its a case of crossing off the ones that you don’t want to focus on until you get down to 2-5 depending on the goal and the activity.

It will look something like this:

Personal - Read 52 books this year, Travel to 4 destinations, Get to grade 2 on the piano by October…

Be as specific as possible. One goal might be to go to New Zealand and do photography. Get excited and get imaginative. Further, crossing out the goals that aren’t so important is you reaffirming to yourself to not worry about them and give your time and attention to those that you deem more important, which is very liberating. 

Step two

Now that we have our goals, write them down on 4 separate sticky notes. One for each goal type, Health, Wealth, Personal and Contribution. Also write out your goals on the first page of your notebook.

Then stick them on your mirror, your wardrobe door, your fridge… anywhere where you will see them and read them each morning. A constant reminder of what your days activities are working towards. 

Read them out loud and imagine putting a big tick next to the goal when you complete them, embrace and hold onto that feeling!

Step three

Each night, before you got to sleep write down the 4 headings, health, wealth, personal and contribution. Then write out all of the things you did today that brought you a step closer to that goal. Absolutely anything goes here, it could be a giant step or a mm shuffle, progress is progress. This is a celebration section, it’s a time for you to reflect and show yourself how you’re working towards your goals.

But be honest. If you truly didn’t make any progress, which will happen sometimes, at least this gives us a chance to recognise it and address it tomorrow. Instead we’ll just write down how we plan on getting back on track.

And if there is a theme developing, one that’s showing you’re not making any progress, then it’s time to readdress your goal and work out why you’re not committed to it. Maybe it wasn’t what you thought it was. Fine. Cross it off and replace it, let’s not waste our time and energy on something that clearly isn’t important to us. Instead let’s put it into something that is. 

Once you’ve done this, write down your plans for tomorrow relating to each goal. This gives you a starting point for the next day and also empties your head ready for sleep.

Keep it up

Keep this up and in a few weeks you’ll have some really good reading to go back. You’ll see that each day you’re making progress and each day that progress compounds. So 1% one day becomes 1.1% the next and so on. 

Say goodbye to failed New Years Goals.

Enjoy and have fun!