6 Must Have Apps for any Entrepreneur and Busy Person

6 Must Have Apps for any Entrepreneur and Busy Person

1. Note taking

It goes without saying that note taking is essential. Whether it’s your thoughts, shopping lists, jobs to be done or whatever, taking notes is a must. In fact, Richard Branson is a huge advocate for note taking, so surely that’s worth taking note of...sorry. Apps like Evernote and Google Keep are great note taking apps that let you write notes and store images/page clippings. Definitely a Must Have App!

2. Diary and Calendar Organiser

We all get some form of calendar app with our mobile devices, and they pretty much do what we want them to. You can share your calendar with whomever you may need which is ideal when keeping synchronized with your colleagues, friends or family. The difficulty arises when you have a few different people using a few different apps, so you need to bounce between two or three to make sure you’ve covered all bases. Not exactly ideal. Sunrise will allow you to bring all of your calendar apps, as well as other apps, together in one place, so you’ve a central calendar. A must have for any entrepreneur. 

3. Thinking Games

We all get a bit stuck sometimes. Whether it’s writer’s block, having trouble coming up with an idea or revision boredom, a thinking game can actually help. It is known that coming away from a problem or task and letting is soak in the back of your head for a few minutes, or even hours, can help immensely. Swapping your attention from one thing to another allow your brain to almost figure things out subconsciously. However, you’re more likely to come up with a solution if you keep your brain engaged on a different subject, as opposed to just staring at a wall or watching TV. Get yourself a thinking game and break through those mind blocks. Block x 3, Chip Chain, Dots, 10:10, Flow Free and Tetris are all ideal. Candy Crush will probably do the trick too!

4. Stay Focused

It’s no secret that we live in an age where smartphone addiction is an epidemic. It can get in the way of work and distract us when we really need to be focused. For those of you who struggle to ignore your phone after it buzzes, there are some apps to help. These will allow you to track, limit and even stop yourself from using your phone when you need it. Apps like Offtime, Moment, BreakFree, Flipd, AppDetox and Stay On Task should help you stay on goal. Staying focused is a must!

5. Sleep Tracker

Nowadays it’s more common to have difficulty getting enough sleep. Partly because we lead more hectic lifestyles and partly because we stare at bright screens in bed and wonder why we can’t nod off. But all that aside, there are some great apps that allow us to track our sleep by showing us our sleep cycles length and our quality of sleep. It then compiles this information which allows us to understand how we’re sleeping. Further to that you can set a window and time you need to be awake, it will then determine when in your sleep cycle is best to wake you up, so you feel more refreshed when you’re alarm goes off. Apps like, Sleep As Android, SleepCycle, SleepBot, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, Clock and Sleep Time+ should do the job. Sleep is non-negotiable, if you want to be on top and achieving big goals, you'll need your sleep.

6. Speed Test

All the apps in the world are absolutely useless if we’ve got no web connection. I suppose this app is the modern day equivalent of standing by the window holding your phone above your head, but a speed test app will tell you just how good your web connection is. So if you’re in an area that boasts free wifi with your meal or coffee you can quickly check whether it’s worth it or it’s worth going elsewhere for wifi.

So there they are, 6 Must Have Apps for any Entrepreneur. Get in touch if you've any suggestions, otherwise keep your eye out for more content!