8 Must Have Accessories For Gents

Here are some of the things you must have in your style arsenal

Every gent needs accessories to complete his outfit. Here are the absolute must haves...

1. Watch
Everyone needs a watch. Not only are they useful but they complete an outfit, and say a lot about the wearer. With so many styles, this can be a really personal asset. This is such a staple that it isn’t really an accessory, it’s as much a part of your outfit as your shoes!

2. Belt

Belts, even if your trousers fit your waist, are one of your must have accessories. They add a nice neat finish to the top of your trousers, they are a great way to bring together different elements of an outfit and offer a nice transition between different materials and colours. 

3. Umbrella

It goes without saying that umbrellas are much needed, especially in the winter months. A pointed umbrella with a hook handle is the one to go for. It’ll allow you to have a hand free when you’re not using it, and the pointed shape offers a clean slender look. 

4. Scarf

Scarves can be worn any time of year, maybe with the exception of summer. Different thicknesses and materials mean they can be applicable most of the time - especially in colder places- and the variation in style means they go with almost any outfit, either as a statement piece or just to keep your neck warm. Make sure you have at least a thin scarf with a simple design that will work with your suit and your casual wear. 

5. Hat

Hats are a little less popular. Some people suit them more than others, but again there are so many different styles that you can find one that works for you. Back in the day they used to be a status symbol, but nowadays you can pick your favourite and make it work in most cases. James Bond wore a hat. 

6. Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are function and fashion, they are just one of your must have accessories. They are warm, waterproof, they fit brilliantly and they look fantastic. A good pair of leather gloves will last you years and will go with pretty much any outfit. Black are the go to, brown are a little more casual and of course you can get any colour leather of your preference.

7. Soft Briefcase 

Nowadays it’s less commonplace to be carrying paper around and more likely to be carrying a laptop full of data. Hard brief cases carry with them a corporate image, they’re also bulky and a little imposing. Unless you’ve paper to protect then you don’t really need a hard case.  Soft cases are more versatile in that they come in a range of styles, and their simple nature means they can work in any situation with any outfit. The new brief case is the stylish laptop case. Get a nice sleek leather one and you won’t look back.


8. Tote Bag

The most versatile of all the bags. A medium sized tote bag can be useful for an overnight/weekend bag, a carry on bag for air travel, for the gym, for anything. The simple styling and open design means it works in any situation and with whatever outfit you’re wearing. 


Bonus: A nice fragrance. Remember that when you meet someone, smelling good, can't be a bad thing. This helps with your overall impression. This is like adding that extra few percent to your outfit, and that extra few percent could be the difference between a good impression and a great impression.