A How to for Handshakes - 6 Easy Tips


Handshakes say so much about you. And for those of you that offer a wet lettuce instead of a firm hand, you need to sort that out. There’s nothing worse than getting the shivers after holding someone’s limp hand for a second or two.

Handshakes are simple. We’ll spare the basics here but just remember these vital tips: 

  • If you’re seated then stand up
  • Tense your hand slightly so as to offer a something firm for the other person to hold, but not so much that it’s like shaking with a cardboard cut out. 
  • Offer a slight squeeze which makes a firm lock of the hands. 
  • Don’t shake as though you’re trying to fizz up a can of beer, it’s just a bit weird, it looks over eager and that you’re not really in control. 
  • The handshake should last around 1-2 seconds. Don’t linger; shake and then withdraw your hand. 
  • Above all; make eye contact. 

Some people might offer you a sideways hand shake, where their palm faces the ground. This is an inadvertent display of dominance, it pretty much goes against everything a handshake represents. If you’re in the habit of doing that then stop, if you’re offered a sideways hand shake then meet them as you normally would. But in this particular instance you want to put your free hand on their elbow and offer just enough pressure so as to push it down towards their body, bringing their hand back down to the position you’d expect it to be. This is your way of getting them off their ego and reestablishing that mutual ground. 

Remember the handshake is the great leveller. It’s the expression of mutual respect and agreement between two parties. If you’re sitting down, not looking at them, not offering a firm hand then all it shows is your lack of understanding. Your handshake is as much a part of your reputation as the way you present yourself and the work you do. Don’t be know as the guy with a weak handshake.


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