Men's Fashion 2021

Men's Fashion 2021

Aside from the masks, what are we all going to be wearing?


Given the fact most of us have been wearing sweats for the past 12 months, we won't be wanting to sacrifice comfort so quickly. That's why hoodies remain a strong favourite in 2021. Hoodies have always been a staple, but now we're seeing more variation, the graphics printed on the front, oversized and now you can pay as much as you want for one. Something that used to be £10 you can spend over £100. Why? Fashion....that's why. 

Tight Pants

Skinny jeans and pants. Again, not a revelation, but in 2021 is seeing jeans get a little tighter. In fact, trousers in general are getting tighter. On the whole this is probably an effort to show off muscle and what better way to do it with some stretchy pants?

But if elastic isn't your thing, check out Diamond Theory who seem to be the only ones making an effort in the muscle fit department. 


Now that we're all a little more health conscious and gym usage was at a premium, muscle has become more valuable than ever. Muscle has always had it's place as it demonstrates good health and a committed routine, but now it is at a premium as no one has been able to set foot in a gym!

The Moustache

The moustache has been threatening a return for years, but could 2021 be the year where it becomes part of fashion? Most of us have grown a beard over lockdown, it's given us a chance to experiment and be lazy at the same time. Most of us quite enjoy the work that goes into maintaining facial hair, so maybe getting rid of all of it isn't ideal. The moustache offers the best of both worlds, a clean shave and some facial hair to care for. 

Don't worry, our Beard Oil covers moustaches too, in fact it'll last a little longer.


Belts are making a comeback. Last time men's belts were popular was when everyone had a Marvel buckle or a bottle opener buckle, but these were more of a gimmick than anything else. Now, however, a nice belt with a nice buckle is not only enhancing the outfit but also saying 'I've spent some cash here'. With more vegan leathers becoming available people are being drawn back to belts on the whole.  

Hair Styling

Same as with gyms, hair cuts have been at a premium, with many people opting to go for the home cut over the overgrown look. We're not saying the mullet is going to make a comeback, but look at the more utilitarian hair cuts, those that you tend to see around 1940s, these are going to remain popular as they look neat and serve the purpose of have short hair. 

Mens' Make Up

Men's make up is becoming more and more commonplace. Now that we're all starting to emerge, we're more conscious of what we look like, we have to get used to being part of a normal society again and some of us need to et used to being back at our original standards. This could cause a lot of people to consider make up, such as concealer and foundation. 

Smart Watches

The appeal of smart watches has always been high, but as they are great at tracking activity there has been an influx for them to use as fitness trackers. Again this comes down the fact a lot of us are now paying a lot more attention to our heath, but having a nice smart watch is going to be on the rise.