How to find Motivation and Inspiration

Getting the motivation to do things can be difficult and inspiration can be hard to come by. 

We often see ourselves as passengers when it comes to controlling these forces of nature. 

Here I’m going to tell you one simple way you can control them.

It’s simple…

Just do something.

So let’s say you’re writing something, a book. Just tell yourself to write 200 words. They don’t have to be good, there just has to be 200 of them. Or if you’re an artist, tell yourself to spend 20 minutes in your studio just doing something, even if it’s just looking at previous work. 

I, as Director of Vir Original, have tasked myself with expanding the product line. A very exciting project indeed, but one that requires a lot of thought, research and some key decisions. The whole thing can be a little daunting, so all I do is tell myself to spend 20 minutes per day thinking about it and writing down my thoughts. Generally that 20 minutes turns into 1- 2 hours of work, good work. 

Even if it’s just putting words on a page, or a brush stroke on a canvas, you’ll be hit with inspiration and/or motivation.

It only takes a minute

The hard bit is getting up off the couch, out of bed, away from Netfilx or whatever it is that you’re doing to procrastinate. It’s easy to build inertia being lazy, that inertia builds and is really hard to slow down. Which is why it’s so hard to switch your mind into ‘project mode’.

So let your body lead your mind. Start by stopping what you’re doing, opening your project and just doing something. Anything. Switch tabs from Netflx to research, or word, or walk into the studio. Your only goal here is to spend 20 minutes with it. If nothing comes from it, then do it again tomorrow. Worst case, you’ve paused Tiger King, best case you’ve bit hit with a flash of inspiration and taken a step toward completing your goal.


Action we can control.

Action leads to motivation and inspiration. 

Motivation and inspiration are well within our grasp. They are not a force we cannot control, but something that we must learn to harness via our body. 

There isn’t a motivation or inspiration muscle that can be flexed. Nor is there a particular time of day where the universe decides to reward you with it. 

Imagine something as simple as this: there’s a ball on the ground. I say to you that you need to move this ball. I doubt very much you’d stare at it or watch TV until it feels like moving, I’d probably be right in saying you’d kick it or throw it. 

Moving the ball is the mechanism, Your direct action has caused that ball to move. What comes after might be that it hits something, bounces back, flies through the air never to be seen again, pops, hatches into a dragon. Who knows. But the the point is you’ve made something happen with your action.

What comes after could really surprise you, and you’ve gone from someone with no motivation to work, or inspiration for answers, to someone who has been hit with both.

The ball moving is the goal, the ball moving is motivation and inspiration. Us doing something, moving our leg or moving our arms is what makes it move. 

The point is, even if you don’t feel like it right now, if you make a simple movement, a small act - a brush stroke on a canvas or a word on a page - this will lead to the ball rolling. Once it is, who knows what will happen.