Refillable Bottles for the Bathroom

Refillable Bottles 

Refillable bottles are great. Not only will they help reduce waste but they also look really smart and stylish in your bathroom - well the smart and stylish ones do anyway.

With these you are able to choose what finish you want so you can match them to your own taste and decor. Perfect. 


We live in a society where everything is throw-away. One use and onto the next one, and very seldom do we hold on to things. This doesn’t have a very good effect on us nor the planet.

So how does it affect us?

Well, we live in a world now where everything is instant. We get instant gratification, or if we don’t we move on until we find something that gives us what we want. Even the way we meet people has become very ‘throw-away’ and with minimal effort. This means we don’t ever really connect with anything, we don’t really know about it’s background, it’s history - it just serves a purpose and then it’s onto the next one.

You may be thinking ‘but it’s just bottles’, and you’d be right. But all these little things add up to a big picture. If you surround yourself with stuff that means something to you, you will appreciate them all a little more.

Plus we find that everything we own represents us in some sort of way. Your style and taste are all reflected in your possessions. 

The Planet

Of course, the planet is getting more and more full of plastic. Our oceans suffer and so do the creatures that live in it. So not only do we need to stop plastic finding its way into the sea, but we could also do with cutting it off at the source. 

One way we can do that is by reducing the plastic bottles we consume. And as a company that sells its products in plastic bottles, we have taken a good look at ourselves and how we can help this fight.

Our goal is to send no refuse to landfill. We aim to do this either by re-using, recycling or have biodegradable packaging. 

One big step towards this is our subscription model. Each month we will send you your products in a plastic bottle so that you can refill your bathroom bottle. We will send you a bag along with this so you can return your bottle to us and we can either re-use it or recycle it. That way we are minimising the plastic we send out as much as possible. 

Why plastic bottles?

We use plastic bottles because we have to have something that talks nicely with the product inside it, and as of yet plastic is the best product that will do this job that we can send through the post. 

The type of plastic we use is widely recycled so even when a bottle reaches the end of its life, we can make sure that it will start a new life as something else - probably another bottle. 

So why are refillable bottles so hard to find?

I suppose as with anything, if they’re a bit difficult to make then companies will naturally shy away from them. But for us, the fact they’re tricky makes us want to do it more. Our mantra is Lead From The Front, so that’s what we make sure we do. 

Refillable Bottles

Take a look at our range and see if you can help us with our mission so keep you on top of your game and make sure we do right by the planet along the way.