The Best Gifts for Men 2019

The Best Gifts for Men 2019

What are great gifts for men?

Some say that it is harder to buy gifts for men, because what do you buy them?! Maybe something sport related or hobby related? What clothes should I get for him? Will he like this colour? Will he enjoy this experience?

These are often questions I used to ask myself when buying for my Dad. But then the answer hit me and it’s actually very simple - however the execution is a little difficult and this is where you come in.

So what is it…?

The best gift for your man - this could mean your Dad, Brother, Boyfriend, Grandad, Uncle, Friend - is something that signifies an investment in them. 

What does that mean?

Well it comes down to two things:

Firstly, it’s the old adage, buy something that they wouldn’t buy themselves. This is often something that might have a higher ticket price than normal - fancy clothes, accessories, a fancy pen or expensive wallet. Something that they may buy in the year that is neither here nor there but then you go and buy the top version of it. What this says is ‘you’re worth this/ this is how I see you’. You are worth this level of quality  - and of course all of the connotations that go with it. 

Sometimes we don’t buy the nicer things because we say to ourselves - ‘I can’t justify spending that money on myself’. Which is daft because you are your greatest investment, and if something is going to give you the edge and ultimately get you a step closer to your goal, then why not? 

Cue the thoughts of - ‘so the key to success is buying things?’. No absolutely not, the key to success is believing in yourself, seeing your value and reflecting that in your day to day life - and yes, one element of this might well be buying that really nice jacket because ‘damn I look good in it, I feel good in it, it shows the world that I mean business and more importantly, when I see me in the mirror it re-affirms to myself that I mean business.’ 

So back to what we were saying…

Buying something that is the best version of its kind is a great start. The message you’re sending here is ‘this is the best Body Wash around (shameless plug), and this is what you deserve’. Now surely that is the best gift!

Something that will help towards their goal…

Another way to look at it is, buy for their goal or for their target, buy for how they want to be perceived as opposed to how they are now. 

I remember when I first started out in business, I couldn’t wait to be seen as a businessman and entrepreneur, this was the most important thing to me. It was my image and my goal all wrapped into one. So when people started buying me nice pens, nice shirts and fancy grooming products I absolutely adored them. 

A pen is a pen, but the fact that it formed part of my journey into business meant the absolute world to me. I could imagine signing a big contract with it. Products are products, but when they’re the best and the most exclusive, you can’t help but feel special and can’t help but feel like your dreams are becoming a reality ...even if it’s just a little.


So this is where you come in. It’s all about how you execute. And how you do this comes down to how you know your man and his goals and aspirations. 

Think about what he wants to be the best at, what he spends his time focusing on and explore this field. Find something that helps towards that goal and buy the best version of it that you can. This will say, ‘here is a building block towards your empire, it’s the best version I could buy because that’s how much I believe in you’. When you add some financial value to the mundane, it all of a sudden takes on a new guise. 

If you’re struggling to find something within his field, maybe it’s extremely techy, expensive or you just can’t nail something down, then buy something for his person. This is still an investment in him. As we mentioned before you want to say ‘this is how I see you, this is what you’re worth’ and finding the best version of something fairly day to day will do that.

That’s why things like nice bathroom sets, grooming products, hair products are very popular, because that’s what these say. They say, ‘you’re a top guy so here’s some nice things to keep you looking and feeling top notch’. 

So what are the best gifts for men in 2019?

To help you along a little more, below are the top 5 gifts to give you some inspiration:

1. Shower Sets and Grooming Sets

Nothing says ‘go you!’ like a really nice posh set of products. Look after the most important thing you own...your body!

2. Accessories

There are so many to choose from, watches, belts, gloves, cufflinks. The great thing about these is that they can be used all the time. Not only can they be special but they’re also really useful! 

3. Tech Accessories

Things like a smart set of headphones or a smart laptop case/sleeve, things that help enhance what they already have. They are almost like a growth product, adding that extra few percent to them in the form of image and experience.

4. Travel Products

Nowadays, travel is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity amongst the younger generation. Buying something like a nice weekend bag or some travel gadgets is sure to make them very excited about the year ahead. These are a great gift as they inspire action and say ‘go and see the world, go and explore and add to your memories’. Again, a real investment. 

5. Stationery

There’s something really nice about receiving a smart journal and a smart pen. It feels really grown up and it’s those little things that make you a little bit more serious about what you’re doing. Whether that’s use in your career or at home. When you add some financial value to the mundane, it all of a sudden takes on a new guise. 

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