The Perfect Morning Routine - 9 Step Process

Everybody has their own morning routine and some are better than others. It's no secret that the first things you do after you wake up will resonate through the day and will have a huge effect on how your day goes.

So what is the prefect morning routine?

Well, we've broken into these 9 steps for you to follow.

0. Write down your to do list, your nagging thoughts and anything inside your head before you go to sleep. Get them down on paper and leave them there. Unless you're going to act on it there and then, don't worry. Just write it down and pick it up tomorrow.

1. Firstly, you need to have a bit of a paradigm shift. You need realise that you're waking up for yourself. You're waking up for you and for your goals. You're not waking up just because you have to be in work or because somebody else is dictating that fact. The way you'll own the day, is by owning your morning. Change your mindset to say, 'I wake up because I want to be up at that time, because I have a routine which will help me achieve my goals.'

2. Wake up at least 60-90 minutes before you need to leave the house or start work. Why? Because this is about the amount of time it will take for you to have a controlled and meaningful morning routine.  

3. Don't look at your phone until you complete your routine. Why? Because it will throw your energy off. You will see notifications, emails, messages, you might just start scrolling and before you know it your head is full of all sorts of things that might be causing you to feel a certain way. Your mind will be thinking about the responses or the problems and this is not a productive way to start your day. These things are cutting into your time. Remember the morning routine is for you. 

4. Have a shower. Hot or cold is your preference, we can cover the benefits in another article. If we have to recommend we would say towards the colder side as this will benefit the immune systems and fire up the metabolism, you'll feel great all day. Naturally you want to use great products that make you feel and smell amazing. Why? Because you're telling yourself that this is the standard you deserve, this is the standard you are at. We use the best products and the best versions because we are worth it. Because we know that this step here not only invigorates the body, but also engages the mind. This is your physical self coming to life. 

5. Meditate and/or read and/or write. Why after a shower? If your body is clean and fresh, this enhances and engages the mind. Once we have the physical in check, we are much better equipped to engage the mental and the spiritual. Why meditate? This focuses our mind, brings to the surface any feelings or thoughts and also allows us to start the day ahead in a balanced state. Why read? This starts our brain working. Reading written words of something interesting will engage our thinking and cognitive processing, it will help to wake us up and also start thoughts running in the background which we will later benefit from. Writing can also be a great tool to achieve this. The aim is to write 1-3 pages of anything inside your head, you can talk about a dream, your plans for the day, absolutely anything. No one is going to read it, its just to start the words and thoughts and energy flowing.

6. Eat good food and drink water. Eating needs no real explanation. Our bodies need fuel, our brains and our bodies need calories to operate and to operate efficiently. Things like fruit and cereal and some protein are fantastic. If you have a Ferrari you don't put diesel in it, you put decent fuel in and it drives beautifully, the same principle applies. Remember, the machine is already running from after our shower and meditation so we need to fuel it to keep it running smoothly. 

7. Dress well and dress appropriately. You're now putting the cherry on the cake. You've made everything on the inside feel great and operate at its best, so now lets look our best. Let's look and feel confident. 

8. Go and smash it. Lead From The Front. 

This has been a really short summary of the perfect morning routine. You will find that you may want to change the order or you want to allocate more time to different activities, but the principles remain the same. We will write more in depth articles on each element if you will find them useful. 

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