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  • 6 Must Have Apps for any Entrepreneur and Busy Person

    It goes without saying that note taking is essential. Whether it’s your thoughts, shopping lists, jobs to be done or whatever, taking notes is a must. In fact, Richard Branson is a huge advocate for note taking, so surely that’s worth taking note of...sorry. Apps like Evernote and Google Keep are great note taking apps that let you write notes and store images/page clippings. Definitely a Must Have App!
  • Refillable Bottles for the Bathroom

    Refillable bottles are great. Not only will they help reduce waste but they also look really smart and stylish in your bathroom - well the smart and stylish ones do anyway.
  • The Best Gifts for Men 2019

    Some say that it is harder to buy gifts for men, because what do you buy them?! Maybe something sport related or hobby related? What clothes should I get for him? Will he like this colour? Will he enjoy this experience?

    These are often questions I used to ask myself when buying for my Dad. But then the answer hit me and it’s actually very simple - however the execution is a little difficult and this is where you come in.

  • 8 Must Have Accessories For Gents

    Here are some of the things you must have in your style arsenal

    Every gent needs accessories to complete his outfit. Here are the absolute must haves...

  • What to pack when you're doing business abroad

    Work and business rarely stay behind a desk these days; many of us are flying all over the place, going to meetings, visiting clients, representing your company; and it’s becoming more and more commonplace because the world is shrinking… but so is our luggage allowance! 
  • What is The Perfect Suit

    For some reason buying a suit is different to buying any other set of clothes. It can be a little intimidating, what with all the lingo, rules and ...
  • Speak like a Leader

    There is often a tendency for one to over complicate a message one is trying to convey by using complex vocabulary and in-concise sentences aiming to sound superior and establish an air of dominance. 


  • How to have The Perfect Shave

    Shaving can be sore, it sometimes feels like a necessary evil as it can bring redness, spots and irritation all in the pursuit of a smooth face.

    It doesn’t have to be that way!

  • Packing for a City Break

    Booking a nice cheap flight for a weekend away is great. But paying extra to take a case with you is not. Nobody likes taking out the tape measure to see if your carry-on bag is within limits, or ‘the cram’ job followed by the messy unpack at the security scanners.