Body Wash, Shower, Body Spray, Fragrance
Vir Original Body Set
Vir Original Body Set

Vir Original Body Set

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Body Wash, Body Spray

This set contains our Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free Body Wash and Body Spray. These are 250ml bottles, with natural ingredients, our signature fragrance and all Made in England. In our opinion the best Body Wash and best Body Spray around.

These are a true investment in yourself and a testament to who you are and how you operate.

Vir Original is the first thing you put on. It is the suit beneath your suit.

Whether that is a 3 piece or a scuba suit, is not important, we are all Gentleman. No matter what you do today, it will begin in one place, the shower.

Every man has a purpose, every hero has a commitment and every leader has a goal. Every day is a step towards fulfilling that, and the best days have the best starts. The best starts with Vir Original.

Show the world what you have on the inside.