Our Mission

Success does not happen by chance. Vir Original believe that every man has a purpose, every hero has a commitment and every leader has a goal.

From the moment you get out of bed, the actions you take will determine success or failure. Every winner earned their success through rituals, routines and an unwavering commitment to themselves.

Success is to have a vision, set goals and execute. Success cannot exist with doubt or hesitation, only with full commitment and certainty. 

Our mission is this, to afford you the confidence and certainty to execute and achieve your goals. By sourcing the best ingredients, spending countless hours formulating the best products and operating at the highest standards both ethically and professionally we ensure that nothing but the best comes from our products.

We have left nothing to chance so that your routine is a winner's routine. When you start your day you focus on your goals knowing that you are fully prepared.

Success does not happen by chance. It's happens by you committing to the winner's routine.