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Beard Conditioner

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Vir Original Beard Conditioner

Success does not happen by chance. It comes from readiness and preparation.

Readiness isn’t about being at your best, it is about being ready when you’re at your worst. Preparation isn’t about being prepared to avoid the tough times, but being prepared for when they arrive.

Our Beard Conditioner is Made in England and designed to work with facial hair and facial skin to keep your beard looking healthy, softer and more tameable.

What we tend to forgot is that a beard isn't just hair on your face, it is your face as well. It is the skin underneath the hair and also the skin around it. As such, we have developed our products to make sure they work with everything as an entirety to make sure everything is being looked after. 

Add this to your routine. It contains our unique fragrance which means you’re fresh and confident when it matters.

  • Tames Beard
  • Healthier looking Beard
  • Designed to work with Facial Hair
  • Designed to work with Facial Skin
  • Softens Beard
  • Reduces Itch
  • Helps make Trimming/Shaping easier
  • Made in England